Our Story

Grepo Consulting was founded in December, 2004 to address the needs of busy professionals who often do not have on-site computer support staff to address their problems in a timely manner.

Many small businesses and branch offices house less than fifty professionals. At this size, it is often cost prohibitive to hire even a junior-level computer support person. Grepo Consulting has combined experience, supporting PC/LAN systems, certified experts, reasonable rates, and flexible arrangements, to offer a highly unique, excellent-value solution to mid-size and small offices.

Our Staff

Our IT team has been in the IT industry for over a decade, and has experience working with small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. With the combined experience of our staff, we understand how critical down time can be to a business no matter what size it is. This understanding encouraged us to develop the methods we follow to avoid IT disasters.

Since, Grepo Consulting’s Preventive Maintenance Package has become one of our most talked about incentive in the local community.