Managed IT Solutions

Grepo Consulting is your Managed IT Solutions Provider that covers 7 essential aspects leading to technical freedom.

Preventive Maintenance, Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, Hardware and Software support, Network Support and Security, Warranty services, and Software training.

Preventive Maintenance

We pride ourselves with the preventive methods we implement for all our clients. Our goal at Grepo Consulting is to prevent and detect any potential issues that may slow down or even halt productivity for our clients by incorporating scheduled maintenance for hardware and software devices on your network. That method accompanied by our 24 hour monitoring ensures us piece of mind and helps us properly approach any problem or potential problem in a manner that will not reduce your business productivity. Our Preventive maintenance program has been very popular and praised by our clients.

“Prevenir vaux mieux que guerir”


When a device or process fails, we don’t assume the problem and solution solely by evaluating the symptoms. We take it a step further by running sophisticated diagnostics which allow us to pinpoint the exact source of the problem. This process is not only beneficial to Grepo Consulting’s IT engineers, but also to the client by assisting them in reaching their productivity targets on time.



  • Our dedicated staff ensures the planning & installation of your networking devices.
  • We Provide Digital Phone/Cabling/Patch Bay installation and certification.
  • Setup and configure Firewalls & Switches.
  • Install and configure Domain controllers, DHCP/DNS/Antivirus & Backup servers.
  • Active Directory management and policies.
  • Install and configure NAS and SAN Storages.
  • VPN and Terminal services planning & deployment.
  • We also provide WAP certification, surveying, installation and configuration.

Network security

We prioritize security and implement it on all aspects of your network infrastructure. The security policies Grepo Consulting provides cover: smart phones, tablets, workstations, servers, switches, firewalls, Wi-fi, and VPN.


Hardware & Software Support

Computer maintenance helps prolong the life of your equipment. Equipments do fail, and when they do, we provide our clients with quality service and fast repair turnaround time. We take care of all your hardware repairs: parts replacement, installation, troubleshooting, and software repairs (OS/application installation).



Besides installing, configuring, deploying, and testing, we also troubleshoot your technology. When a problem occurs, we run diagnostics, identify the problem, and determine the best course of action. If any products fail, we also handle warranty services.

Warranty Services

If we are your IT team, we also handle the warranty aspect of your equipment. Registration of your new and old leased or purchased products; advice on the best support warranty to fit your business structure are all part of the warranty service. We notify you about any changes in warranty on any equipment we are monitoring within your network or site.


Software Training

Our staff stays current with the new software and OS releases for professionals and corporations. As your Managed IT provider, Grepo Consulting takes pride in being responsible for providing training on the most popular applications or niche applications to your personnel.