What is workflow?

A workflow is a business map of the connected tools and procedures that are taken to achieve a desired outcome. This ‘map’ requires input from different areas within your organization to fully piece together the overall process of your business. Your IT workflow is a critical aspect of your organization because an incompetent IT workflow will reduce overall business productivity and profit.

What type of clients do you provide IT solutions to?

Our clientele range from Small and mid-size businesses, Fortune 1000, and Fortune 500 corporations.

What type of industries have you provided IT solutions to?

Our client industry base includes Financial, Legal, Entertainment & Multimedia, Educational, Hospitality and many other industries. GREPO Consulting is open to venture into any field as we have many innovative ideas and our teams of engineers are well versed in all aspects. Give us a call so we can provide the best solutions for your business!!

Can you assist our company if we already have a dedicated support technician?

Absolutely!! We become your extended IT team by working closely with your onsite technician. As your Managed IT Solutions Provider, we have experts in various specialty fields, which enable you to have a complete IT support team. This eliminates the need to contact alternate consultants to orchestrate a project that your onsite engineer or tech may not be proficient in. The best part is we familiarize ourselves with your network infrastructure saving you time and money. Hence all it takes is one phone call to handle all your IT needs!!

What is the turnaround time after we submit a support request?

Grepo prides itself on our speedy response time. Depending on the type of support your organization needs you can have a technician at your door the same day. In addition, our annual contract packages include remote support to reduce your wait time so we can have you up and running right away.

My company needs new equipment, is it possible to optimize my network with a mix of aging and new devices?

Yes, during our IT assessment we determine which devices can be re-purposed and we take offline the devices that need to be replaced. We then begin changing device roles and adding capabilities in order to keep your network optimized and secured.

How qualified are your engineers and technicians?

Our engineers are qualified and certified. Most of out engineers also have over 8 to 10 years of experience in their respective fields.

Do you provide hardware & software support for tablets?

Absolutely… tablets are the new IT trend and our engineers are fully trained and qualified to support all devices on your network.

As my Managed IT Solutions Provider will you contact the vendor for our copy and fax machines if they break down?
Of course, Grepo Consulting will manage all equipment that is on your network, our annual contracts include warranty services and so much more.

Give us a call so we can get to work!